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Diamond Education


All you need to start is your budget and the general size of diamond you desire. Taking it from there, Mark Katzeff sits down with you to discuss diamond intricacies, spending time explaining the six c's of diamonds: clarity, colour, carat, cut, certification, and confidence.

One couple requested diametrically opposed ideas for their engagement ring. He wanted quality, unconcerned about expense and she wanted a large "rock" because most people would never know what to look for in a diamond. Mark knew how to appease both. "It's all about knowing how to achieve both his and her goals." People may be misled picking their desired cut and carat from a chart. The chart may label a stone brilliant yet the diamond may be dull in appearance. An I1 diamond can be brilliant depending on where the inclusion is and how it is cut. A recent I1 bore such a slight inclusion minimized by an awesome cut yet priced more economical than a larger, more expensive diamond on the chart.

Mark sources quality diamonds in, shortlists suitable ones to meet your desires and budget, then compares the diamonds side by side with you. To Mark it is all about knowing what you are looking for and then presenting the right stones for your choice and dream designs.

Visit Mark to learn more about various shapes of diamonds, the six C's and to choose your diamond. Then let the journey begin and enjoy each step of the design process.

  • Emerald cut
  • Heart shaped
  • Asscher cut
  • Marquis cut
  • Oval diamond
  • Pear shaped
  • Princess cut
  • Radiant shaped
  • Round cut

All our Canadian diamonds come fully certified with certificates of authenticity.


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