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When you want a pair of earrings to drape, hug, dangle, shine, sparkle or speak of history, book a consultation with Mark Katzeff. Mark meets with you to discover your tastes and preferences. You are invited to participate in every step of the design process, only proceeding with your approval throughout the journey from inception to completion. Your earrings are precious exceeding monetary sense. They become something uniquely yours, not found anywhere else in the world. Melding your ideas with Mark's vision and skills culminates in earrings that are sure to bedazzle you each time you wear them. With Mark's design you receive more than you ever dreamed possible.

Platinum Leaf Earrings with Bezel Set Diamonds

Textured platinum, bezel set diamond earrings.

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Organic Yellow Gold Wave Earrings with Bezel Set Diamonds

Organic wave earrings in brushed & polished yellow gold, with asymmetrical bezel set diamonds.

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Yellow Gold Earrings with Bezel Set Citrine

Yellow and White Gold Earrings with Bezel and Pave Set Diamonds


Blue Opal Earrings

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